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Q 1. What is Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service?

Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service is a superior quality prepaid pinless calling service that provides a simple, reliable and inexpensive way to call your family, friends and associates around the world. Unlike calling cards Cybertel PINLESS pinless users don’t have to dial 10 or 12 digit PINs every time they try to make a call. The caller just has to dial the access number followed by a destination telephone number. It is that simple. There are other conveniences that come standard with Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling services which are explained below.

Q 2.How Cybertel PINLESS pinless service differs from ordinary calling card service?

Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service is by definition NOT a ´calling card´ service. There is no PIN to enter. The advantages of pinless calling service are many compared to ordinary calling card service. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

  • No need to enter PIN every time a caller attempts to make a call.
  • Unlike calling card service pinless calling service requires customers to maintain account with Cybertel PINLESS. This helps ensure total transparency of billing and charges, ensures accountability of Cybertel PINLESS to its valued customers.
  • User can monitor their call records; can take advantage of other features such as SPEED dial, HOT NUMBER dial facilities.
  • Balance of pinless calling accounts NEVER expires; there are no connection fees or maintenance fees.

Q 3.How do I signup or open an account with Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service?

There are two convenient ways to sign up or open Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service account. These are:

  • Open an account online, click on 'SIGN UP ' tab on top and follow the three step sign up process (Recommended).Open an account online, click on 'SIGN UP ' tab on top and follow the three step sign up process (Recommended).
  • Open an account by Cybertel PINLESS’s agent: Call Cybertel PINLESS customer service at 1-213-908-2026. One of our agents will open an account for you.

Q 4. Do I need a username and password to open an account?

When you sign up or open an account, you will be asked for your preferred username and password. If this user name is available, we will create your account with this username and password. Upon sign up a PIN number will be provided. It can be use to login to your account as well as make phone calls from unregistered phone.

Q 5.How do I fund or recharge Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling account?

Funding or recharging Cybertel PINLESS Pinless calling service account is simple and can be done as follows:

  • Recharge online by credit card: This is the most convenient way of recharging your account. Just visit www.Cybertel, login to your account, click the 'Account Recharge' tab and follow the simple set of instructions there in
  • Recharge by calling customer service:Call customer service at: 1-213-908-2026 and request for account recharge. You will require a valid credit card to make payment.
  • Recharge by PHONE: If you have a credit card registered on your pinless account, you can call the dedicated recharge hotline: 1-877-376-5755 and recharge your account using that credit card over the phone. Once you dial the hotline select the option to recharge using credit card.
(Cards accepted by Cybertel PINLESS: VISA & MASTER CARD.)

Q 6. Can I safely enter my credit card number on our website?

Yes, all of our members’ personal information is stored safely behind our firewall. All online transactions are handled with the highest level of security. We incorporate SSL (Security Socket Layer) into our website and employ the latest encryption technology to prevent our members’ information from being intercepted.

Q 7. When can I start using my Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling account?

  • Your Cybertel PINLESS pinless account will be activated almost immediately upon signup. Occasionally, we take up to 12 hours to activate your account to verify the information you have provided.
  • You may start using your account immediately after activation. Once we activate the account we will send you an email notifying your account information and user instructions.
  • Q 8. How do I use the service or make a phone call?

    Dial one of our access number from our Access Numbers list (usually we assign you one access number); our system recognizes your account from your phone number and announces your account balance. Then to make calls to--

  • USA, Canada & Caribbean, dial 1+ area code + local number and press # key.
  • For all other country, dial respective country code + city code + local number and press # key. You don’t have to dial 011.
  • Q 9. What are Access Numbers?

    Access numbers are telephone numbers that connect your regular phone or cell phone to our system. You will have to call our access number first and then dial your desired destination.

    Q 10. Which access number should I use?

    We will assign you an access number. Most cell phone calling plans allow you to call anywhere in the US at the same price, however you should look after your cell phone minutes. If you are unsure about your plan please check with your provider to insure that you will not incur an additional cost dialing our access number.

    Q 11. Do I need long distance on my phone to use the Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service?

    No, you do not need long distance on your phone to use our service. However, if you are concerned that our access number may incur a long distance charge from your provider, you should contact your service provider to confirm.

    Q 12. Are there any end user contracts?

    No, there are no contracts, no term-liability or credit checks. Customers have to agree with our Terms of Service at the time of opening account.

    Q 13. Is there need to change my current telephone service provider?

    No, Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service can be used from any phone and there is absolutely no need to change local or cell phone service provider.

    Q 14. Can I use Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service from outside the U.S.A.?

    Yes and no, Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service is currently available for user in USA and Canada. We only support calls originating from USA and Canada. In other words, you would be able to call anywhere in the world from USA and Canada.

    Q 15. Is there any monthly charge, minimum usage fee or maintenance fee?

    No, there is no minimum usage level, no monthly charge or maintenance fee. You only pay for the calls you make.

    Q 16. Is there any Expiration if I don’t use it?

    No, you will have your balance in your account as long as you don’t use them.

    Q 17. Is there any taxes apply to the calls made through Cybertel PINLESS pinless calling service?

    Yes, Cybertel PINLESS charges 10% govt taxes to its customers. These taxes are collected by FCC and PUC for the international calls.

    Q 18. What are Registered Numbers?

    Registered Numbers are your designated telephone numbers (land and/or cell phones) from that you want to use Cybertel PINLESS service. At least one and maximum six telephone numbers may be registered as your Registered Numbers.

    Q 19. Can I change my Registered Number?

    Yes, you may change your registered numbers anytime by login to your account.

    Q 20. How do I add additional phone numbers to my Account?

    When you sign into your account there will be a tab called "Update Profile". By clicking EDIT ACCOUNT PROFILE tab, you will be able to add or delete additional phone numbers to your account.

    Q 21. What is no question ask refund policy?

    Cybertel PINLESS will refund your account balance (minus any promotional/reward/bonus amounts) at any time for any reason provided that you have a valid credit card on file with us.

    Q 22. What is SPEED dial?

    A speed dial number is a numeric number to which a destination telephone number is pre-set by a user. This allows the user to avoid dialing the full destination number. The user has to dial Cybertel PINLESS access number followed by the speed dial number to call that destination number.

    Q 23. How do I setup SPEED dial?

    Login to your account, click SETUP SPEED DIAL tab, add the desired SPEED DIAL NUMBERS and click ‘Submit Information’. Each account holder is allowed to set 9 Speed dial numbers.

    Q 24. What is HOT NUMBER?

    HOT NUMBER feature is a very user friendly and popular feature available to Cybertel PINLESS pinless service user at no extra cost. A HOT NUMBER is a SPECIAL ACCESS NUMBER which can be programmed to a pre-set destination phone number. When you dial the HOT NUMBER, the pre-set destination phone number is dialed automatically. This helps our customers to set local numbers for International Phone numbers and DIAL DIRECTLY!

    Q 25. How do I setup HOT NUMBER?

    Login to your account, click SETUP HOT NUMBER, follow instructions on how to set up hot numbers and program the desired HOT NUMBERs. Each account holder is allowed to set 20 HOT NUMBERS.

    Q 26. Can I see or check my call records?

    Yes, the account holder can see and check their call records for the past three months.

    Q 27. How do I see or check my call records?

    Login to your account, click CHECK CALL HISTORY tab and follow the easy procedure.

    Q 28. I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

  • You can call 1-213-908-2026; one of our agents will assist you.
  • You can click on Forgot your password? tab, your password will be email to you immediately.
  • Q 29. What is Auto Recharge?

    The auto-recharge option allows Cybertel PINLESS users to set their account to auto recharge for a user specified $ amount when the account balance drops to a user specified $ amount. It offers a convenient way to make sure user always have balance in his/her Cybertel PINLESS pinless account. Instead of time consuming repeated manual recharge user can set up their account for auto recharge to make sure never run out of talk time.

    Q 30. How do I set my account for Auto Recharge?

    Login to your account, click SETUP AUTO RECHARGE tab and follow the user friendly procedure.

    Q 31. Is Auto Recharge is an optional features?

    Yes, the auto recharge is an optional feature, and it is free of cost to you. User has the option to take advantage of this free convenient feature.

    Q 32. Will I be notified of auto recharge activities in my account?

    Yes, every auto recharge will be notified to you by auto generated email instantly when it is executed. The email will be sent to your email address on our records and contain information on the amount, the authorization code and the time of recharge.

    Q 33. Can I edit auto recharge setting or revert back from auto recharge to manual recharge?

    Yes, users have freedom to switch from auto recharge to manual recharge option as many times as they want and vice versa. Log on to your account, click on the SETUP AUTO RECHARGE tab that will open a page having a line 'Edit your Auto Recharge option or disable it'. Follow easy steps to disable or edit your auto recharge setting.

    Q 34. Does auto recharge executed during a call?

    The auto-recharge feature works only between calls, not during calls. If auto-recharge balance is reached during a phone call, the system will wait until the end of the ongoing call before recharge. So in rare events you may run out of money during a call even if you have activated the auto-recharge feature.

    Q 35. Why Auto Recharge setting of my Cybertel PINLESS account is not working?

    There may be few reasons why Auto Recharge is not working;

  • Your credit/debit card information, such as expiration date, security code may have changed from those provided in the existing auto-recharge setting.
  • Address you provided may not have matched the address on file with your credit card company.
  • For any other security reasons by the bank issuing your credit card.
  • Q 36. Can I be charged by different long distance company when using cell phone?

    ATTENTION CELL PHONE USERS: When calling from your cell phone please make sure you do not push the Send button (usually green button on cell phone's keypad) after entering your destination number. If your cell phone's international calling is active, pushing the Send button will make your call go through your cell phone service provider and the related charges (usually very high) will apply. Cybertel PINLESS will not be responsible for your misdialing.

    Q 37. What is Refer a Friend Reward? How does it work?

    Refer your friends to open a Cybertel PINLESS account. When they open an account, Let them know they have to insert your account ID on the "Referral ID" field during SIGN UP. When your friend successfully opens an account with a minimum of $20 on his/her account, Cybertel PINLESS will credit your account 5% of the total transaction as a Reward for referring a new account. This reward only applies to existing members who refer completely new members. This reward will not be given to an existing member who opens new Cybertel PINLESS account with his/her other telephone and/or cell phone numbers. Other restrictions apply; we reserve the right to deny or cancel this reward anytime by our discretion.

    Q 38. Can I have the same phone number on two accounts?

    No, you cannot have the same phone number on more than one account.

    Q 39. Why can’t I add my phone number in your system?

    It could be one of the following reasons;

    • You might have set up a previous account and registered this number with us or with one of our reseller.
    • Someone else already has this number on his/her account with us (if more than one person is using it).

    Q 40. Why am I asked for a PIN or card number when I dial the access number?

    There are two reasons this might happen;

  • You have called from a phone number that is not registered with us.
  • The balance of your account has reached 15 cents or below.
  • Q 41. How do I make calls from a non-registered phone number?

  • Dial an access number and enter your account PIN number when prompted.
  • Enter the destination number you wish to call followed by the # key.
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